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September 07 2012


Hard Floor Camper Trailer Specialists!

Hard Floor Camper Trailer Specialists!

Camper - We are hard floor camper trailer specialists but Eagle Trailers and Campers also sells and hires excellent campers and trailers to accommodate all individual needs and preferences. Located in Adelaide. Phone 08 8281 6696

A camper trailer can provide among the best holidays for families and provide you with real freedom to go wherever you would like and to stay wherever you want without having to spend a king's ransom on hotels and transport. Basically you are combining both, and bringing them you, meaning that at any time you are able to pull over and sleep the night.

However at the same time driving having a camper trailer may also make driving more difficult and it's very important to ensure that you stay conscious of the fact that you have a camper trailer when driving and go ahead and take necessary precautions to keep safe when you are on the road and also when you are around the motorway. In this way get ready to enjoy the numerous advantages of a camper trailer without incidence.

Trailer Maintenance

One thing to consider when looking after your camper trailer may be the lights. Much like your car itself, your camper trailer could have lights to help ensure people are able to see it easily on the highway also to thus prevent them driving involved with it. Since your trailer coupled to the back of your car, it is not difficult for a light to visit and for explore to notice for a long period, and this can then end up in someone starting the back of you (bear in mind that the camper trailer also blocks the lights around the back of the car).

Therefore then its important to ensure that you check your camper trailer lights as often as you check them for your car and before every long journey. It's also advisable to make sure to look into the lights after any bumps, as cracks within the casing of the lights can blind drivers behind you. Finally it's also wise to make certain when going abroad you will get the right covers for your lights in case you are driving on the other hand of the road.

Likewise your trailer may also need its tires pumping up every once in awhile, and also this can otherwise make the trailer slow to react.


When driving using a trailer it is crucial to remember that it is there all the time. This sounds obvious, but it is surprisingly an easy task to forget and also to hurtle around most. Likewise it is also all too easier to stop suddenly forgetting the trailer is there. If needed, work with a visual reminder in a vehicle so that you will stay aware of the trailer.

Adelaide - Meanwhile ensure that you drive taking this into consideration which means driving in the slow lane about the motorway as well as trying to keep your distance off their traffic by hanging back using 'defensive driving'. You need to also remember that it'll take you longer to prevent when you break on the motorway - if you remember your Newtonian laws of physics then this is just since you will have more mass therefore you could have more momentum.
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